A Lion Named Roar

A Lion Named Roar is a Louisville band made up of Chris Jackson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Tyler Anderson (guitar, vocals), Billy Grubbs (guitar), Andy Meyers (drums, vocals), and Michael Brown (bass).  Though Jackson and Anderson have been collaborating together on songs since high school in 2003, they have since acquired 3 more band members, making the band complete.

Their single “Currents” has been played many times on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville and MTVmusic.com mentioned them as MTV Music’s “Needle in the Haystack.  Their debut album, “Said & Done,” was released in February of 2010 and landed the top of the best-sellers at Ear-X-Tacy by June.

“Our first record was kind of a thing where we had some songs laying around.  We didn’t really put much thought or effort into it, we just wanted to write and record some songs,” says Anderson.

The members of the band claim that artists such as James Taylor, Hall and Oates,

Jeff Buckley, and even Garth Brooks have influenced them.  They consider their music to be a mix between Pop, Folk, Indie, and Rock.  However, their talent management group,

Primary Wave, has labeled the band as “hard to pin” in a single genre.



A Lion Named Roar’s new album, currently untitled, is set to come out sometime in the beginning of next year.


Here is an interview with A Lion Named Roar http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6CMVnf-Xz8

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Most students are 18 their senior year in high school. For me I had a late birthday and did not turn 17 until right before I left for college. So at 16, my junior year in high school, I had to apply to college’s that had to at least have what I was interested in. By my senior year, when I was only 17 and had never paid a bill in my life as most kids in high school don’t, they wanted me to know what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to get my degree. Even though they say you don’t have to know your major by the time you go to college if you don’t, you get stuck into a undeclared category. Being in this category makes you feel like a indecisive, loser. So most students will just pick something so when everyone asks, “What is your major?” they can at least respond feeling they are smart. For me I was not going to be undeclared. Since I like to talk and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do, I picked the broad category of communications. My first semester I went away to Western Kentcuky University, I almost feel anyone who goes away and has to put it on loans is crazy, because that just felt like the biggest waste of my money. It was 9,000 for one semester. I came home and went to the University of Louisville, this helped me save money and I was able to get a job since I was not coming home every weekend. Of course, as most students my freshman year and sophomore year I did not make really good grades. Now I am a junior and finally realize how vital important grades are for my gpa and am not studying and trying my hardest, but I feel it is too late since I did not do great before. My mind has matured so much since i graduated high school and I am finally realizing I don’t want to do communications at all, I want to be a physcial therapist assistant. Now it really feels too late, because to apply to that program you need a really high gpa.  At 18 and 19 high gpa does not mean a lot to me, but now that I have experience college for a few years I am starting to realize many things. I find it disturbing that they force picking a college and picking a major at such a young age. Then students that don’t go to college right away after high school or don’t know what they want to do are looked down upon. Finally, I know what I want to do with the rest of my life and im sure about it, but it just seems to late 😦

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Breaking Dawn

This is a sneak peek into what Breaking Dawn is all about…

I’m sure the biggest craze this past weekend was that Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out. Of course, I was there at midnight on November 18, 2011 to partake in the waiting to see Edward Cullen. I, as well as many others purchased tickets a week in advance for the 12:01 showing. When we arrived we got there about 10 pm on Thursday night to get good seats and wait. At that time it was packed still, we did get a good seat though! By 11 o clock if you weren’t already seated then you were probably getting front row or you were being escorted to an extra theater they had to open up. I can’t help but love the Twilight Saga Series. As most everyone knows this one was about Edward and Bellas wedding and her pregnancy. This movie was not my favorite but it ended with me wanting to watch part 2 immediately. Too badit won’t be until November 2012 until Part 2 is released into theaters. The only reason I say this wasn’t my favorite is because I usually like a lot of action and this was more of watching what Bella is going through, although it kept my attention the whole time. Honestly, just looking at Edward could keep my attention for hours! #teamedward 

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Normally we write about news topics, things going on in the world, interesting things, and a bunch of other mixed topics. Not many times do we write about ourselves and our lives, well that is what I am going to do! On Tuesday, my boyfriend was in a house explosion in New Albany, Indiana. I recieved the call right after it happened around 4pm from his boss. The first thing he said was that Patrick had been in a little accident at work, I laughed at him and told him to stop joking with me. I actually said that about four times unitl I realized he was not joking and handed the phone to Patrick. When I talked to him he seemed very out of it and I had no idea what happened. i immediately went into shock not know what to say, how to respons or what to do because I had never been in that situation before. I called the number back and was told by his boss he was sent to Floyd Clark Hospital in Indiana. When I got there around 6, Patrick immediately freaked out and started crying. It was all over the news and trying to get what happened to him was extremely hard. He was working on a gas leak by a house and as they were finishing up and walking away from the hole in the ground the house exploded. Before Patrick could even turn around he was trapped on the ground by a wall from the side of the house. He doesn’t remember much after the explosion, just that it was really loud and that he thought he was going to die. The next thing he knew he was running down the street and fell into someones yard. At the hospital they took a few x-rays and noticed he broke a few bones in his foot, when we went to the specialist this past week he said it was a crushed injury from the wall and that he could possibly have nerve and ligament damage. Luckily after the explosion, he is lucky to walk away with just a few broke bones. He has his fire suit at work when he was working on the gas line so he did not get burned.
Earlier that morning, Patrick was flagging on a nearby road when an older lady came up to him and slowed her car down and yelled out the window, “God will be with you today.” Patrick chuckled at her because he had no idea what she meant and took it as someone could run him over.
Whether you believe in God or not, this is a true story that shows us he didn’t die for a reason! We are so thankful that he and everyone else in the house are alive and did not get seriously injured, now the hard part is dealing with post-tramatic trauma…i don’t even know how to deal with someone going through this?

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Recently, I have been obsessed with a certain website, pinterst.com! After only having an account for about a week now, I can’t stop pinning! This website is a site where you create “boards” where you can post you favorite things. There is different categories of things your interested in such as crafts, design, food, vacation spots, and pretty much anything and everything. People just post photos from websites that include a tutorial or just an idea. Then if you like it you can repin it to your wall so all of your friends can see what you like! I personally enjoy all the crafts and tutorials that people post. If you do not have an account I suggest you find someone who does, so you can be invited to join!

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halloween 2011

Tonight made me realize how much things have changed since I was a littlle kid. Me and my boyfriend took his son trick or treating tonight! Now i know he is only four so right now it’s not a contest on who has the heaviest bag of candy, but when I was little that was the thing to do! But it’s fun just watching him be so happy that random people are giving him candy! It seems though that there just isn’t a lot of people that participate like they used to. There are less people on the street and more houses that don’t give away candy. I am not sure if it is just everyones out trick or treating and no one is home to give out candy or people just do not want to pass it out. I have a feeling more people are participating ini church, school, and other group functions that gather together at a certain place and have a festival. I remember when I used to trick or treat every house gave away candy, maybe out of the whole neighborhood there would just be a few that didn’t give away candy! Whatever the reason be for the lack of people participating I am sure a few of the main reasons is the economy and the weather. Oh well, overall my night was great! Watching optimus prime get his candy made for another great halloween year!

so you wanna glow…

It is geting close to halloween and besides being seen in your halloween costume, kids need to be careful that they can be seen in the dark as well! Glow sticks are fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun making them and not just for halloween! To make the glow that you see in glow sticks you need a 16 oz. bottle of mountain dew, peroxide, and baking soda. First take the mountain dew bottle and pour out 3/4 of the mountain dew. Save it in a container so you can use it to make more glow. So  now that the bottle only has 1/4 of mountain dew put just a little bit of baking soda (amount of the tip of a spoon). Next put 3 cap fulls of peroxide. Close the mountain dew bottle and shake well! Your mountain dew will glow! Here is a youtube video if you actually want to see it :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AGt0TROlnA

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huber’s orchard, winery & vineyard

Huber’s Farm is a local farm in Starlight, Indiana. It attracks many locals from Indiana as well as Kentucky. Around the Fall it becomes a favorite thing to do. Hubers has so much to offer from farmer markets and wine tastings to a petting zoo for the kids. There is also hay rides that take you to pick pumpkins, apples, peaches, tomatoes, and just about any growing food. There is many different placevs you can eat at such as the Huber’s Restaurant, grills outside, or buffets. I recently went with my family and we had a really good time. We ate at the buffet and shopped in the farmers market for pies, spreads, and other goodies. We also went on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch where we got to pick our own pumpkin. As the day ended we ended with some ice cream and a few tastings of wine. I really would encourage everyone to go, it is a great experience.

Paige, Patrick, and Caiden

Huber's Farm 2011

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leaves fall

Who could not love fall weather in Louisville, Kentucky. Fall is my favorite season for this time of the year brings so many great things. In Kentucky Fall is usually from about early September to late November. Many haunted houses are in Louisville as well as some of the prettiest scenery. A widely known haunted house located in Louisville is Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which used to be an old tuberculosis hospital. It has been featured on numerous television shows as one of the scariest places on earth.

One of my personal favorite things about this time of the year is driving home in my neighborhood and seeing all the leaves change to orange and yellow. The wind pushes them as if they were just floating across the street. This is also a great time of the year to explore some some of the great things outside. It is a good time to go eat down at the water front or for a walk or hike around some of our local parks.

Hubers farm is a local Orchard, Restaurant, Winery, and Vinyard right across the Ohio River in Indiana. Next week my family and I will be making a yearly visit to Hubers so look forward to my next post about Hubers Farm.

Country Music Love

Miranda Lambert at CMA FEST

June 5, 2012 may end up being a good time for my twenty first birthday, but June 7-10 will be a better time. That’s the weekend of the Country Music Award Festival down in Nashville. Each summer millions of country music fans join in Nashville, Tennessee for country music’s biggest festival. It is hosted by dozens of country artist day in and night. This year will be my first year going and I have already purchased my 4 day pass to all the concerts! The line up for each day and night concert has not be set up yet, but I am hoping to see some of my favorite artist such as Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Sugarland, Montgomery Gentry, Brantley Gilbert and Blake Shelton. During the day the concerts will be at Riverfront Park, this usually has many of the new upcoming artist. Then at night the concerts will be at the Tennessee Titans football field which usually host all of the most popular country artist. With all the new artist and songs out this year this might just be the best show Nashville has ever seen! While I am down there I will be just old enough to experience some of the best night life Nashville has to offer. I will be hoping to get a few autographs, fan gear, and some shout outs for my 21st! If your looking for the ulitmate country music experience you might want to get your tickets before they are sold out! This will be the best girls trip and the best birthday present to myself – Happy 21st Birthday to me!

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