sushi…yum yum

Habachi restaurants are pretty popular around America, especially Shogun for the Louisville area. A new restaurant that has been here since December of 2008 is a restuarant called Sake Blue. It is a Japanese bistro that is known for it’s many choices of sushi. I recently went there to eat for the first time and it has now become one of my favorite places. They have a habachi grill as well as a sushi bar.  There are chef’s that make the sushi rolls right in front of you at the sushi bar. A camera above the sushi bar captures every roll the chef’s make, so even if you are sitting down eating at a booth you can see on the flat screen the sushi rolls being made. The menu has many options to choose from. For me as well as most people Shogun has been the best Japanese restaurant around, but now I beg to differ. I feel Sake Blue is a step above Shogun. It has the best Japanese food I have ever had and the best sushi. The environment is very relaxed, clean and rich. It is located off Bardstown Road at 9326 Cedar Center Way and open seven days a week. My personal favorite sushi is the “Temptation” and I suggest everyone to try it!

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