Breaking Dawn

This is a sneak peek into what Breaking Dawn is all about…

I’m sure the biggest craze this past weekend was that Breaking Dawn Part 1 came out. Of course, I was there at midnight on November 18, 2011 to partake in the waiting to see Edward Cullen. I, as well as many others purchased tickets a week in advance for the 12:01 showing. When we arrived we got there about 10 pm on Thursday night to get good seats and wait. At that time it was packed still, we did get a good seat though! By 11 o clock if you weren’t already seated then you were probably getting front row or you were being escorted to an extra theater they had to open up. I can’t help but love the Twilight Saga Series. As most everyone knows this one was about Edward and Bellas wedding and her pregnancy. This movie was not my favorite but it ended with me wanting to watch part 2 immediately. Too badit won’t be until November 2012 until Part 2 is released into theaters. The only reason I say this wasn’t my favorite is because I usually like a lot of action and this was more of watching what Bella is going through, although it kept my attention the whole time. Honestly, just looking at Edward could keep my attention for hours! #teamedward 

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