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A Lion Named Roar

A Lion Named Roar is a Louisville band made up of Chris Jackson (lead vocals, acoustic guitar), Tyler Anderson (guitar, vocals), Billy Grubbs (guitar), Andy Meyers (drums, vocals), and Michael Brown (bass).  Though Jackson and Anderson have been collaborating together on songs since high school in 2003, they have since acquired 3 more band members, making the band complete.

Their single “Currents” has been played many times on 91.9 WFPK Radio Louisville and mentioned them as MTV Music’s “Needle in the Haystack.  Their debut album, “Said & Done,” was released in February of 2010 and landed the top of the best-sellers at Ear-X-Tacy by June.

“Our first record was kind of a thing where we had some songs laying around.  We didn’t really put much thought or effort into it, we just wanted to write and record some songs,” says Anderson.

The members of the band claim that artists such as James Taylor, Hall and Oates,

Jeff Buckley, and even Garth Brooks have influenced them.  They consider their music to be a mix between Pop, Folk, Indie, and Rock.  However, their talent management group,

Primary Wave, has labeled the band as “hard to pin” in a single genre.



A Lion Named Roar’s new album, currently untitled, is set to come out sometime in the beginning of next year.


Here is an interview with A Lion Named Roar

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