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Most students are 18 their senior year in high school. For me I had a late birthday and did not turn 17 until right before I left for college. So at 16, my junior year in high school, I had to apply to college’s that had to at least have what I was interested in. By my senior year, when I was only 17 and had never paid a bill in my life as most kids in high school don’t, they wanted me to know what I wanted to do with my life and where I wanted to get my degree. Even though they say you don’t have to know your major by the time you go to college if you don’t, you get stuck into a undeclared category. Being in this category makes you feel like a indecisive, loser. So most students will just pick something so when everyone asks, “What is your major?” they can at least respond feeling they are smart. For me I was not going to be undeclared. Since I like to talk and I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do, I picked the broad category of communications. My first semester I went away to Western Kentcuky University, I almost feel anyone who goes away and has to put it on loans is crazy, because that just felt like the biggest waste of my money. It was 9,000 for one semester. I came home and went to the University of Louisville, this helped me save money and I was able to get a job since I was not coming home every weekend. Of course, as most students my freshman year and sophomore year I did not make really good grades. Now I am a junior and finally realize how vital important grades are for my gpa and am not studying and trying my hardest, but I feel it is too late since I did not do great before. My mind has matured so much since i graduated high school and I am finally realizing I don’t want to do communications at all, I want to be a physcial therapist assistant. Now it really feels too late, because to apply to that program you need a really high gpa. ¬†At 18 and 19 high gpa does not mean a lot to me, but now that I have experience college for a few years I am starting to realize many things. I find it disturbing that they force picking a college and picking a major at such a young age. Then students that don’t go to college right away after high school or don’t know what they want to do are looked down upon. Finally, I know what I want to do with the rest of my life and im sure about it, but it just seems to late ūüė¶

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halloween 2011

Tonight made me realize how much things have changed since I was a littlle kid. Me and my boyfriend took his son trick or treating tonight! Now i know he is only four so right now it’s not a contest on who has the heaviest bag of candy, but when I was little that was the thing to do! But it’s fun just watching him be so happy that random people are giving him candy! It seems though that there just isn’t a lot of people that participate like they used to. There are less people on the street and more houses that don’t give away candy. I am not sure if it is just everyones out trick or treating and no one is home to give out candy or people just do not want to pass it out. I have a feeling more people are participating ini church, school, and other group functions that gather together at a certain place and have a festival. I remember when I used to trick or treat every house gave away candy, maybe out of the whole neighborhood there would just be a few that didn’t give away candy! Whatever the reason be for the lack of people participating I am sure a few of the main reasons is the economy and the weather. Oh well, overall my night was great! Watching optimus prime get his candy made for another great halloween year!

leaves fall

Who could not love fall weather in Louisville, Kentucky. Fall is my favorite season for this time of the year brings so many great things. In Kentucky Fall is usually from about early September to late November. Many haunted houses are in Louisville as well as some of the prettiest scenery. A widely known haunted house located in Louisville is Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which used to be an old tuberculosis hospital. It has been featured on numerous television shows as one of the scariest places on earth.

One of my personal favorite things about this time of the year is driving home in my neighborhood and seeing all the leaves change to orange and yellow. The wind pushes them as if they were just floating across the street. This is also a great time of the year to explore some some of the great things outside. It is a good time to go eat down at the water front or for a walk or hike around some of our local parks.

Hubers farm is a local Orchard, Restaurant, Winery, and Vinyard right across the Ohio River in Indiana. Next week my family and I will be making a yearly visit to Hubers so look forward to my next post about Hubers Farm.