sushi…yum yum

Habachi restaurants are pretty popular around America, especially Shogun for the Louisville area. A new restaurant that has been here since December of 2008 is a restuarant called Sake Blue. It is a Japanese bistro that is known for it’s many choices of sushi. I recently went there to eat for the first time and it has now become one of my favorite places. They have a habachi grill as well as a sushi bar.  There are chef’s that make the sushi rolls right in front of you at the sushi bar. A camera above the sushi bar captures every roll the chef’s make, so even if you are sitting down eating at a booth you can see on the flat screen the sushi rolls being made. The menu has many options to choose from. For me as well as most people Shogun has been the best Japanese restaurant around, but now I beg to differ. I feel Sake Blue is a step above Shogun. It has the best Japanese food I have ever had and the best sushi. The environment is very relaxed, clean and rich. It is located off Bardstown Road at 9326 Cedar Center Way and open seven days a week. My personal favorite sushi is the “Temptation” and I suggest everyone to try it!

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Don’t it feel great to be a cardinal right now? I’d say so! The sweet taste of victory was felt last night as the University of Louisville defeated University of Kentucky in college football. Kentucky fans say it’s luck but I think it is a lot of hardwork, determination, and great coaching by Charlie Strong. For the last four years cardinal fans had to take all the harrassment of UK winning, and now they want to say it’s just luck that we won! I guess the past four years was just luck for the cats! The final score last night was 24-17, which also means we get to take back the Governor’s Cup. Since 1994 when the football rivalry was rekindled (the first game since 1924) Louisville has won 10 games, leaving Kentucky only winning 8. This rivalry is huge in Kentucky, the annual games of football and basketball brings fans from all over the state. As a UofL student I can’t help but to think it’s gonna be a long rode of winning!

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October 30 2001; This is my first response in my journal about the attacks on 9/11. I was 10 years old.

October 30 2001; This is a journal response in my history class after 9/11. I was 10 years old.

I didn’t know anyone that died on 9/11 but watching the memorial this morning on television was very overwhelming and brought many tears to my eyes.

I remember as if it was just yesterday sitting in my fifth grade class. One of the teacher assistants’, Mrs. Mcdonald, was crying uncontrollably. She had been like a mother to all of her students and to see her cry while in class brought concern to everyone. I remember all the students whispering wondering what was going on as she told our teacher, Mrs. Wilkerson, who was not a very emotional lady, but you could see the tears in her eyes. Ironically, Mrs. Wilkerson was our history teacher and to think that what was happening right then was to soon be in our history books. I was so young and naive, it was hard to imagine what was going on. I remember Mrs. Wilkerson telling us that the World Trade Centers in New York City had been hit by an airplane and that this was an act of terrorism. Terrorism was something that was covered so briefly in class and nothing I had ever experienced to understand. Before 9/11 I had read about war in our textbook, but it was something I felt was so long before my time and something that I did not have to worry about because it would not happen again. I remember at lunch kids talking about it and then going home and my mother hugging me as she tried to explain what was going on. To be quite honest the worry that everyone was feeling almost made me feel as if we were all going to die. The days following 9/11 were very memorable.

All the students had gone home and saw what had happened and it became a topic of discussion in class. Many students had questions and I remember everyone being so worried that it was going to happen again.

I feel so much empathy for the lives lost and to hear the stories really makes you want to hug your loved ones. I want to thank all the police officers, firefighters and for everyone who helped on 9/11. They showed us and made us realize what heroism and bravery really is for ourselves, eachother, and our country. When watching television this morning I heard something that will forever stick with me, “these were not lives lost, they were lives given.”

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to save a dollar!

As a college student, if i can save a dollar…count me in! One of my favorite shows on tv is Extreme Couponing. Yes, these are real people but it is extreme and a little unrealistic. No college student and not many people have 40 hours+ a week to dig in garbage cans, ask neighbors for newspapers, and cut coupons! As much money as the women save on the show from bringing a $1,000 groccery total down to $8 after coupons, is it really worth it when you calculate how many hours they just spent in the store and how much of a headache it is to cut coupons? But don’t get me wrong coupons are great, you can find a coupon on everything and you don’t have to spend all your time looking for coupons and clipping them! There are online websites that have coupons and not just for groccery stores. I am a shopoholic, I love clothes, but I will not buy anything unless I have a coupon for at least free shipping or 20% off. Almost all stores have coupon codes on the internet and most sites have where you can use a free shipping coupon code and a %off on the same order! The best coupon site for a clothing store is

When grocery shopping you can save money on everything you want to buy and I am going to tell you how to do it! First of all, look at where you are going to be shopping. Not all coupons can be used everywhere, manufactureres coupons can. (FYI: they are labeled manufacturer coupon) Some coupons are labeled that they can only be used at a certain store, a big store for having their own coupons is Walgreens. Places like Walmart, Kroger, and Meijer double manufacturer coupons up to .50 cents. So if the coupon is for .50 cents off a bag of chips you will get $1.00 of the chips. Make sure you check in with your supermarket and see what day they double coupons, a few stores only double on certain days and some stores will double coupons up to $1.00. As well as coupons, many supermarkets already have specials going on. This is where you see the poeple on extreme couponing get food for free. They find out the special such as 10 bags of chips for 10.00, which makes each bag 1.00. They may have a coupon for .50 cents, then the store doubles coupons so they are getting 1.00 off each bag that is already on sale. You do have to have 10 (.50 cent) coupons for this to work.

Next, coupons come in the mail twice a week, on Wednesday and Sunday with the newspaper. It is not a big stack of coupons that have to be cut and you might not use half of what is in there, but look through it and cut all the coupons that you want to use. Then go online and find coupons for things that were not in the paper. This is normally where the women and men on the show print out mulitple coupons of the same product. Some stores let you do this and others limit the quanitity of coupons up to two. I normally google the product and type the word coupon after (ex: glade plug-in coupon). Normally it will bring up a site right away that has the coupon, but if it does not I will go to that products actual site such as or go to a coupon site.

Some people may think I look like a geek when I pull out my coupons at stores, but when I save so much money I dont care! It sounds so ironic but I hate spending money on things I need that seem to be expensive like deodorant, shampoo, and groceries. I can normally get all these things for less and sometimes a buy one get one free 🙂

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“oh yeah, he has the nice boards”

Now that it’s football time, one of the favorite things for college students and fans to do is to tailgate. When you tailgate you have to have two things beer and cornhole. We all have our favorite type of beer, so that is a given as to what your gonna buy for the big game. You may already have some cornhole boards, but don’t you want the best! Dont you want the one’s that make everyone say “oh yeah, he has the nice boards!”

A few months ago I was on a mission to find the best present for my boyfriend for our anniversary! At the same time I became settled on the fact that I wanted cornhole boards for myself, so why not get him cornhole boards, because after all what’s his, is mine! After checking some boards out on the side of the road, seeing some in stores and seeing some that my friends had; come to find out the best cornhole boards were being built down the street from me. Now I am a girl and I may not know much about handcrafted cornhole boards, but I have played on many sets and I know when I am playing on a good set of cornhole boards! Each board is solid oak wood so they are heavy, but they dont rattle, nor slide and they stay flat with the ground. “Mark- The Cornhold Guy” (how it is in my phone) puts a lot of effort in making the boards and it is noticeable. So noticeable he makes all the boards for the the restaurant Roosters in Louisville, Ky. All his boards are handpainted and monogrammed. For a set of boards with 8 bags monogramed with your favorite team will cost around $150. Price varies depending on the the colors and design, but the quality of wood is the same for all. He can do any team or anything you want on them. The team on the boards in the picture are the University of Louisville Cardinals, this set cost $150. His cornhole boards are also listed on Craigslist, but I will be glad to forward his number to anyone looking for a nice set of cornhole boards.

I am a big supporter of local businesses and people making their own creations. I would rather put my money into a new business that I hope gets the recognition it deserves, instead of a franchise where my money and business would not matter anyways.

At the end of the day we love taking our boards to parties, I can tell my boyfriend loves the attention he gets when his friends tell him how nice his boards are and when they ask him to bring his. I love the credit I get from my boyfriend and his friends because it makes me look like an awesome girlfriend!

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