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so you wanna glow…

It is geting close to halloween and besides being seen in your halloween costume, kids need to be careful that they can be seen in the dark as well! Glow sticks are fun, but wouldn’t it be more fun making them and not just for halloween! To make the glow that you see in glow sticks you need a 16 oz. bottle of mountain dew, peroxide, and baking soda. First take the mountain dew bottle and pour out 3/4 of the mountain dew. Save it in a container so you can use it to make more glow. So  now that the bottle only has 1/4 of mountain dew put just a little bit of baking soda (amount of the tip of a spoon). Next put 3 cap fulls of peroxide. Close the mountain dew bottle and shake well! Your mountain dew will glow! Here is a youtube video if you actually want to see it :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AGt0TROlnA

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